About Us

Pamela Mittleman lives in NJ with her husband and two grown boys. She has been cooking since she was able to measure a teaspoon. Her mom, was her first teacher and they shared many a day cooking, laughing and eating in their kitchen. Pam was always thrilled to be her mom's sous chef, and they worked together beautifully. Pam's dad was always in the retaill business and from both influences Ain't We Sweet was born.
Ain't We Sweet was started in 1984 in Pam's kitchen where she tested many a chocolate recipe and started the groundwork for the 26 year old business. This is Ain't We Sweets third location and it has been in Livingston, NJ for the past 19 years. It has certainly grown in the past 26 years and now is the most beautiful candy store  and carries the most delicious candy and treats in NJ. Ain't We Sweet prides itself on always having something new and the largest selection of items.